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Public, environmental and property law are constantly evolving. It is therefore important to always keep your finger on the pulse of these developments. As a niche firm, we have chosen to operate only within specific legal domains in which we guarantee specialised knowledge and practical experience.

We focus on the organisation and we follow the market in which the organisation is
We frequently work together with other firms and we also refer our clients if necessary. The firm is part of an extensive network in Belgium (Flanders, Wallonia and Brussels) and we can also refer you to the right partner abroad within our speciality domains via AIJA ( For complex projects, we frequently work with energy and environmental experts and architects.

Focus on the following legal domains:
  • Environmental law

  • Property Law & Expropriation Law

  • Mobility Law

  • Public Procurement Law

  • Energy Law

  • Litigation and Contract Law

  • Specialised Due Diligence Research

  • Assistance in complex projects and procedures with various parties

  • Judicial inquiries in the construction industry

  • Collaboration with other law firms using the firm as a specialised partner

  • Due Diligence for real estate projects

  • Due Diligence in terms of the environment, wellbeing at work (asbestos
    legislation, ATEX directive, ...) and energy

  • Guidance on transactional deals in cooperation with corporate lawyers

  • Guidance on post-closure environmental and energy problems

  • Guidance on public contracts to contractors and the government

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